Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome! Take a seat and listen, young'ins.

I'm going to go ahead and kick off this Blog with something about me.

My real name's Alex, I'm a student in the U.S.A
I'm big on stories and books, and role-play--no, not the sexual kind--and writing. When I buy a videogame (Which I'm also a huge gamer, go figure) I tend to pick based on storyline and realism, rather then gameplay. Of course, everything matters--but I need my story to make sense. It's why I hate Just Cause 2, yet it's so damn fun.

Here, like the title says, will be my personal crap that any of you may just bother checking, not that I care that much. 

Oh, and do me a favor--try to click the ads. It helps feed me. No, it feeds me fully. Thanks :D